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Past Merrill Fire Chief gets long overdue recognition

Honoring former Merrill Fire Chief Adlord Talbot
Wyatt Williams
WAOW Television
Honoring former Merrill Fire Chief Adlord Talbot

Fire Chief Adlord Talbot died back in 1941, but never received the honor and recognition he should have, until today.

Bells tolled in Merrill Tuesday morning, and members of the fire department showed up in full dress uniform to honor one of their own: Fire Chief Adlord Talbot.

"The family was left without a father, and the fire department was left without a leader.” said, City of Merrill Alderman Mike Caylor

It all started with some old books donated to the Merrill library, and some idle curiosity by Caylor.

The Alderman came across documents claiming Talbot died after a fire, but was never recognized as a death in the line of duty.

When he realized the mistake Caylor rushed to Talbot's daughter who is now in her 90's, and they knew what they had to do.

Caylor said, “I went to Monica and I said here’s what’s going on I think your dad deserves a full recognition and deserves to be on the firefighters memorial and her only words to me were get it done I'm not getting any younger.”

Members of the fire department jumped on board immediately, helping to speed the process along.

"Anytime you can do that even if it’s eight decades in the making, and we wanted like I said to show our respects and appreciation for his ultimate sacrifice.” said, Fire Chief for the Merrill Fire Department Josh Klug.

That's why the ceremony meant so much to Talbot's family, among them, his great-grandson, Mike Talbot who grew up hearing stories about his grandpa's bravery.

"He could’ve taken other jobs at other times in his life but he did his entire career as a fireman and then fire chief and that you would argue is a calling and he went to his grave doing the job that he loved and doing the thing that he was called to do.” said Talbot

For anyone who wants to pay their respects, Fire Chief Talbot's plaque will be on display at the department for anyone to see, and learn his story.

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