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Details on WXPR's Antique Appraisal Experience

Credit Flickr.com Chris Willis
Antique clocks are among the many things Mark F. Moran appraises.

Thank you for supporting WXPR!

WXPR is located at 28 N. Stevens Street, Rhinelander, WI 54501.

Street parking is available in the neighborhood. Our very narrow driveway cannot accommodate come and go traffic. Please allow time to park.  

Choose an item that is easy to carry, hold, and transport. Assistance will NOT be available to handle or transport your item. Be sure you can manage it on your own.

Plan to arrive at your appointment time printed on your pass. This will help us insure your time with Mark F. Moran and serve as many members as possible.

Attendees must sign an event release prior to participating. Because WXPR is a member supported non-profit, the station cannot afford to replace your family heirloom. If your item is damaged or lost while on WXPR’s property, neither WXPR, Mark F. Moran Appraisals, nor any other event partner will be held liable. A printable pdf of the release is below.

Objects for appraisal may include:

  • Fine art, including paintings, drawings, prints and statuary.
  • Furniture (usually smaller pieces are best).
  • Ceramics, including figural pottery, vases, dishes, kitchenware and stoneware.
  • Glassware, including lighting, marbles and souvenir items.
  • Vintage photographs, including snapshots, tintypes, ambrotypes and daguerreotypes.
  • Advertising, including posters, lithographed tin, paper and figural objects.
  • Folk art, including carvings, quilts, weathervanes, windmill weights and "outsider" art.
  • Assorted toys, including dolls (bisque, composition and plastic), windups and mechanical banks.
  • Metalware, including iron, bronze, brass, pot metal, silver, silver plate.
  • Clocks, including mantel, hanging and figural.
  • Costume jewelry, including brooches, bracelets, earrings.
  • Musical Instruments, including string, wind and reed instruments.
  • Books.
  • Sports Memorabilia.


  • All weapons, including swords and knives.
  • Traps (like leg-hold).
  • Nazi memorabilia.
  • Coins and paper money.
  • Fine jewelry, including precious gems.
  • Beanie Babies.

Please call us at 715-362-6000 if you have any questions not answered here.