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Wright Says Not All Legislators Knew Of JFC's Actions

Wi. Legislature website

State Representative Mandy Wright is questioning the tactics of the budget-writing Joint Finance Committee as the committee proposes selling off state land and property.

The Wausau Democrat says she was left in the dark prior to last Tuesday's committee vote...

"....how come I as a legislator have heard little or nothing about it. Suddenly its passed through the budget and I haven't had any chance to talk to my consituents, get their feedback and have a vote in this decision..."

The committee earlier raised stiff reaction to a proposal to sell off 10,000 acres of Stewardship-funded lands, reserved for a variety of public uses. Wright details some of the proposed sell-offs...

".....I hear about many things...prisons..dormitories...highways...all those would be very important for central Wisconsin. Parking lots...things that generate revenue for our universities and public systems...power plants possibly. There's very little that's not available to be sold..."

The Joint Finance Committee pased the budge provision on a party line vote May 21 with opposition from minority Democrats. The state Assembly will take up this provision when it is debated in June.