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Rhinelander City Attorney Phil Parkinson To Retire

WXPR Ken Krall

After more than 30 years with the city of Rhinelander, Phil Parkinson will retire as City Attorney December 31.

The Rhinelander city council last night approved Parkinson's resignation, effective the end of the year. Parkinson began his job in 1980. He says the job has evolved to the present day, but says "it's time" to retire....

"....I'm ready to spend winters in some place warmer than northern Wisconsin..."

Parkinson says the funding relationship with the state has drastically changed. In 1991 the state provided nearly $2 million dollars in state aids. He says state aids are less than half of that now....

"...the state share has gone from half of our revenues to a very small percentage. At the same time industrial contributions have gone from a much higher to very small percentage of our income. Of course, they are still valuable because of the jobs and the payroll, What it really means is the homeowner is the person who is picking up the cost of running the city...."

Parkinson says it is very tough on elected officials and administrators who are trying to maintain all the expected services with less money.

Mayor Dick Johns thanked him for his years of service. The council voted to begin the process to find a new city attorney.

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