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Paddleboarders Need Lifejackets-DNR

Ingrid Taylor

The growing popularity of paddleboards on Wisconsin's waters has prompted a DNR warden to remind users that a lifejacket is required.

Conservation warden Todd Schaller outlines the lifejacket requirement..

"....they are growing in popularity, it's a great way to enjoy Wisconsin's waterways. But they are considered a boat, so they require a lifejacket to be on the paddleboard and we would encourage them to wear the lifejacket..."

Schaller says needing a lifejacket on a paddle board is an education function...

"....we're trying to get the word out. I think a lot of people, based on the thought of being safe, have been wearing their lifejackets which is a good thing, but obviously there are a few out there...not connecting paddleboards to boating...."

Schaller says 90 percent of boat fatalities related to drowning involve victims not wearing lifejackets. The DNR offers a free online paddling safety course for beginners at their website dnr.wi. gov

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