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No Rhinelander Deer Hunt This Fall


No deer hunt in the city of Rhinelander this year. Last week a city committee recommended that the hunt not take place this year.

The deer find Rhinelander to be hospitable with plenty of cover, gardens and flowers to eat, and few predators. They also proved to be a traffic hazard with several car-deer accidents reported. The city council approved the first antlerless, in-city, bow-and-arrow hunt in 2006, and it has been held most years since then.

But City Administrator Blaine Oborn says the deer population has fallen enough that the committee decided not to recommend a hunt this year to the full city council....

"....we really appreciate the property owners and the hunters that have participated in the past. It's solved the problem that we've had. We've been able to lower the deer population and reduce the number of traffic accidents caused by deer and deer eating at people's gardens..."

With a very tight budget at hand, Oborn says the program also cost the city to administer it.

In past years, about 300 wooded acres within the city limits were authorized for bow-and-arrow hunting. Oborn says during the 2012 hunt, 11 deer were taken. Between 2006 and 2009, 157 antlerless deer were taken. No hunt was held in 2010.