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WEAC Head Says Mandated Testing Not Helping Kids


The head of a state teacher's union is calling for an end to additional standardized tests.. she says... that put more pressure on students, teachers and schools and might be short-changing the kids.
Betsy Kippers is President of Wisconsin Education Association Council. During a break from a recent national meeting, Kippers says teachers are concerned with the push for what she calls "high stakes" mandated tests,  that she says are not helping...

".....we believe in assessments, but improved teacher practice and help students improve their learning. They identify their own strengths and the needs they have for improvement and have them focus on what that need is versus the punishment of high-standard tests, this is what you do, and if you fail, you fail...."

She says tests should be used as a way to find where a student needs improvement. She says teachers want a voice at the table how to best assess students..

"....it needs to be done at a local level and a school district level of what is best for those students. Everybody's needs are different and we need to stop having it be an across the board, standardized, everybody on the same test at the same time. We need to  have it identified for what will help that student...."

Kippers says the current testing is so focused on math,  English and science that students are not getting a well-rounded education.

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