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Phillip St. In Rhinelander Closed For Two Weeks

Beginning Wednesday( 10-8-2014) drivers in Rhinelander will need to note one of the main streets across a bridge will be closed for about two weeks.

Public Works Director Tony Gilman says work is beginning on  Phillip Street between the intersection with Maple Street and the Phillp St. bridge. He says they will be raising and lowering the street to eliminate a jarring bump from a rail crossing....

".....west of the tracks we'll be lowering the grade, east of the tracks we'll be raising the grade. That notorious crossing in need of repair on Phillips behind the mill, we'll be straightening it out so there's not  such an abrupt 'bump' when you come up to it...."

Gilman says the work can best be done if the street is closed. Gilman sys if everything goes as planned, they hope to have Phillip Street reopened within two weeks.

The entry way into downtown Rhinelander is over one of three bridges. A second main artery is over the Davenport Street bridge near the entrance to the paper mill. That bridge will also have water and wastewater work on it beginning soon. That will necessitate extra stop and go lights and traffic down to one lane.

Gilman says drivers should consider using a third alternative....

"....I've been recommending to them instead of coming in on River Street as many commuters do, I've been recommending they head down to Kemp Street and take the Kemp Street entrance into the city and get their way to work that way..."

Kemp Street is the southern most bridge of the three bridges in Rhinelander.

More information on the street changes can be found by contacting city hall or the Department of Public Works.

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