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Adamczyk Says He Wants To Get Elected, Then Lose Job

Adamczyk campaign

The Republican candidate for state Treasurer says he will do the same thing other candidates have said about the job. He wants to win the election so the voters can eliminate the job.
36 year old Matt Adamczyk of Wauwatosa....

"...one of five candidates running and I'd like to be your next state Treasurer and hopefully the last..."

Adamczyk  says the  Treasurer's job duties have largely been farmed out to other agencies, with the primary job sitting on the governing board for the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, a position established in the Constitution. He says the office has three staff persons and a budget of a million dollars....

"...it's just wasting our money. My platform is very simple. I'm going to run the office...I'm not going to hire full-time staff, any staff that are full-time. I'm not going to bring people on. I'm going to do it by myself. I'm going to work with the Democrats, work with the Republicans, to get this office eliminated..."

Adamczyk says the legislature has to pass  the office's removal in two consecutive sessions then it goes to voters for a final decision.

Besides Adamczyk running as Republican, four other candidates are running for the office, including Rhinelander Libertarian  Jerry Shidell.

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