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The Flag Flies Again On Large Downtown Cell Tower

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With a stiff northerly breeze to unfurl it in full Friday, both the city and AT & T  are hoping the problems concerning a large flag on a cellphone tower in downtown Rhinelander is over.

As part of an agreement with the city to put the large commercial tower downtown, AT & T agreed to mount a large American flag. After several ill-fated attempts, it appears the problems discovered in prior attempts have been fixed.

AT&T spokesperson Eric McGrath...

"....AT&T worked closely with community leaders and installed a device that should enable the flag to fly correctly at this site..."

Mayor Dick Johns says as a Korean War veteran, he took on the job to get the flag flying properly...

"....we're going to take it down after Veteran's Day due to the fact that it's quite a piece of cloth up there and in the wintertime that would be a real hazard. It would be frozen up there and if it gets deteriorated you can't get it down. It's a long piece of flag to handle when its froze...."

The flag will stay off the pole until late spring 2015 when it will return prior to Memorial Day.

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