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Green Party Candidate On 7th Congressional Ballot

Voters tomorrow will see a third person on the ballot running for the 7th Congressional seat. The Republican and Democrat are well-known, but an Eagle River area man would like you to consider him.

Lawrence Dale is running as a Green Party candidate for the seat currently held by Republican Sean Duffy and also challenged by Kelly Westlund.

Dale has a keen interest in promoting farming as a way to improve a chronically stagnant northern Wisconsin economy...

"...we have the capacity up here, in fact, until the 1950's we raised all of our own food in this district. Since then it's been moving away from us and it's been at our own peril...."

He says none of the beef we eat is  raised here.

He says by establishing more local food production places, especially meat processing,  that would boost the northern economy. He would also like to see the return of hemp as a production crop for farmers....

".....that would open up the textile market for them. It would also open up the ethanol market because hemp actually produces a higher grade of ethanol than corn does...."

He says hemp also would be a viable alternative to cotton growing where large amounts of dangerous chemicals are used in its production.

Dale says the last thing northern Wisconsin needs is a large open pit mine proposed for the Penokee Hills in Iron county. He says  farming would substitute for the mine that he says would destroy the watershed with sulphuric acid. He says the public needs to support clean air and water...

".....we also have to prevent any future degradation of the nation's clean air and clean water act..."

Lawrence Dale has a campaign website at daleforcongress.org

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