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Fire Stops School In Prentice Until Next Week


Prentice School District Administrator Randy Bergman says he hopes to have school back in session Monday after a fire broke out Tuesday. The fire at the Price county facility forced cancelation of classes for the rest of the week...

".....the fire broke out in our art room, we don't know the cause of it yet. We won't know for a day yet(Thursday) when the inspector comes in. We did receive significant smoke damage in that room and down our hallways. Once the firefighters put the fire out, our Prentice fire department did an excellent job to put the fire out. There were here immediately...."

Bergman says a student who was shoveling snow nearby at about 8 a.m. Tuesday  spotted the blaze. Bergman says smoke damaged the hallway. He says the persons doing the cleanup work at the school think they can have school back in session on Monday. Bergman says they will be posting updates on the school's Facebook page and other outlets.

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