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Eagle River Man Missing In Alaska

Alaska State Patrol-Facebook

An Eagle River man is missing in Alaska and authorities are asking for any information to help find him.

Family members reported 72 year old Roger Yaeger of Eagle River missing. He traveled to Alaska to look at wildlife and visit.The last contact anyone has had with him was in August.

Alaska State Patrol spokesperson Beth Ipsen...

"....on August 18, staying with a family in Wasilla(Alaska), then he drove up to Fairbanks which is about 300 miles away and turned his rental car in somewhere around the 9th or 10th, and that's where he drops off the radar...."

Ipsen says there's no record of Yaeger flying or leaving Alaska. She says many areas of the state are so remote there are few roads and the most viable way to get there is to fly.

He had told family members that he would catch up with family members around Christmas..

"...family members called Troopers in the beginning of December. When nobody heard from him by Christmas they became concerned. Troopers tried tracking him down, we know he went to Juneau before Wasilla. Any record of him just drops off after August...."

Ipsen says if anyone has any information to contact the Alaska State Troopers at 907-451-5100. The also have a Facebook page.

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