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Conover Approves Bike Trail But Wants More Negotiations


The town of Conover has approved constructing the first 3.2 miles of the Conover-Phelps biking and hiking trail. Pitlik and Wick submitted the only bid, and the town would like to see if ways could be found to get the project in on budget.

Great Headwaters Trails is proposing an 11 mile trail between Conover and Phelps. The most expensive portion is in Conover  where wetlands and terrain make for a more difficult build.

The town board voted 2-1 to give preliminary approval.. Town board member Karl Jenrich says there was concern that the bid went over budget by $190,000. He  says the board would like to sit down and discuss trimming costs....

"....so the next step is to meet with Pitlik and Wick to look at some possible modifications of aspects of the trail in order to get costs within Great Headwaters Trails budget...."

Jenrich says the town board is concerned about not having taxpayers pick up any cost overruns as the town is ultimately responsible for the grant.

Great Headwaters Trails says on its website that construction on that first segment will begin this summer.

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