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County Would Like U.S. 45 Signage, DOT Says No


The Oneida County Board agreed Tuesday to push the state Department of Transportation harder about putting up more road signage along an ATV route in Three Lakes, but it might not matter.

Supervisor Bob Mott says the U.S. 45 bridge over Crystal Lake is unique to have ATV's along the bridge with road speeds at 55 miles per hour.(see related story below) He wants a more visible warning sign on each side of the bridge to alert motorists. He says the terrain on each side of the bridge could lead to a serious accident as drivers might not see the ATV's along the bridge...

".....when you come from the north you come around a curve, it doesn't take long to arrive at that spot. When you come from the south, there's a little hill then a dip and then you're right there. It's just seconds before you are there...."

The DOT informed Mott that state law doesn't require additional signs at the location so they weren't going to put any more signage up. Mott's resolution was intended to show the state there was support for more signage. Mark Kirby from the Three Lakes Nicolet ATV Club noted there haven't been any accidents since the crossing opened earlier this year....

"....since the bridge opening has taken place there have not been any incidents, there have not been any complaints, there have not been any need for the extra warning signs...."

But the board voted 18-1 to send the resolution to the DOT to see if they would change their minds and put the additional warning signs up.

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