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Random Student Drug Test At Northland Pines Considered


Random drug testing for Northland Pines students engaged in school activities or driving to school will take place under a policy being considered for adoption in order to deter students from using drugs and offer remediation and treatment to students identified that are.

“We want to show the community we care about students and are serious about illicit drug use,” high school principal Jim Brewer said.

While all students can't be subjected to random drug testing, those involved in co-curricular activities and those driving to school in vehicles, snowmobiles, and ATV's can, according to district administrator Mike Richie.

Random numbers from both groups would be drawn weekly for testing. Those students will be assigned a number with the list confidential. The list and any tests results will not be part of a students official record, will be stored in a secure area, and all will be destroyed upon graduation of the student. No results will be provided to law enforcement according to Richie.

An independent facility will conduct the tests on a panel of 10 drugs. Administration will provide a report to the school board each year.

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