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Rhinelander Run Water Notice Given


The following release was sent out by the City of Rhinelander on Friday, January 15:

Start Date – January 20, 2016

City of Rhinelander Utility Customers who experienced problems in the past with water and sewer lines freezing should start running water when approval is provided in advance by the City.

Please note in 2014 a special system-wide use of running water was authorized due to the extreme weather and frost conditions; and, this winter season will again start with limited customers again authorized to do this activity until such time conditions would require more customers to do so. Our goal is to run water at limited rates and to control the overall expense that all utility customers ultimately share a cost in to keep our utility systems flowing properly. Interior building freeze-ups will not generally qualify for authorization of this water use. Only the Utility Customers that have been specifically instructed and approved to let water run by the Utility will be provided the utility cost credit allowed for this activity.

The starting list of approved Utility Customers allowed use of this activity is posted at City Hall (135 S Stevens St) and posted on the City web site. A Utility Customer may also request this activity be allowed at their service location by contacting the Water Utility (715-365-8600, Ext 1).

The running water list will then be periodically amended for frost conditions the City experiences this season and the necessary additions of approved customers. When a service location is approved, running water will generally be provided 24 hours a day, in a stream the diameter of a pencil lead, flowing from one fixture per property in order to protect the utility lines from freezing. A pencil lead stream flow rate can be checked by filling a 12 ounce container volume in approximately one minute of time. Special cases of water only customers or other circumstances requiring greater flow rates can be approved and authorized the same as in the past if needed. The City of Rhinelander will instruct further at a later date when frost subsides and the approved activity (and credit) will then end.

Thank you Rhinelander Water/Wastewater Utility

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