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Olson Library Board Approves Hold Harmless Agreement


The Walter E. Olson memorial library board of trustee's this week approved a hold harmless agreement with the City of Eagle River related to potential flooding from storm water runoff that may affect library facilities based on an opinion from an engineering firm.

The city favored open storm water drains or discharge to a rainwater management tank rather than directly to the storm sewer. Library architect Jeff Visner concluded he now has no problem with the library indemnifying the city.

“Mountain Engineering tells us it won't flood and we're disconnecting the direct connection from the roof drain,” Visner said. Myron Berry of Mountain Engineering, in a letter, indicated there would be no issues with flooding. “In our professional opinion, the site storm water collection system as designed and overflow from the City of Eagle River would have no effect of the library,” he wrote.

Library trustee's approved the hold harmless agreement and will forward it to the Town of Lincoln for adoption.

Bids on $2.5 million expansion and remodeling project are expected to be opened February 25.

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