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Group Seeks County Backing For More Road Money


The Wisconsin Counties Association is out with a proposed resolution to the state's 72 county boards designed to pressure legislative budget writers to put more money into fixing Wisconsin's highways.

Director of Government Affairs for the Association, Kyle Christianson, says local governments have struggled to find a solution to the transportation funding dilemma across the state....

"....it doesn't take an expert to realize as someone is driving to work or the grocery store that the roads are deteriorating. We just don't have the dollars we need coming into the state or down to local governments to fix the potholes and the overdue maintenance we're experiencing...."

Christianson says the roadways are vital to Wisconsin's economy and the need to keep the roads in good shape is a non-partisan issue. He says the resolution is designed to get the attention of the legislature....

".....and the message to the state legislature is we know what the problems are, we know what the solutions are, so lets just fix it. Part of that campaign is to encourage all 72 counties to pass a resolution calling on the state legislature to adopt new and sustainable funding streams for transportation...."

He says the proposed resolution urges policy makers to consider raising new revenue and borrowing less to upgrade state highways. Christianson thinks most of the state's county board will debate the resolution this summer. He says a substantial passage of the resolution would show state policy makers local governments want action.

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