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Northwoods Counties Ending Recount: Little Has Changed


The recount has ended in the Northwoods and the vote totals from last month's presidential election didn't change much, but a new wrinkle was tossed at county clerks.

In Oneida County, after five days of recounting ballots, Clerk Mary Bartelt gave the totals, which saw both candidates vote totals rise...

"....Trump originally had 12,120 votes he now has 12,132 votes(Ken) 'did it change at all for Hillary Clinton?' 'yes, by six votes she was originally 8,103, it's now 8,109..."

Bartelt says they spent about $12,000 on the extra counting, paid for by the Green Party and candidate Jill Stein who requested the recount.

In Vilas county, Clerk David Alleman reports...Donald Trump lost three votes now with 8,165, Hillary Clinton's count didn't change and Jill Stein gained one vote.

In Forest County, Clerk Nora Matuszewski reports Trump lost one vote at 2,787 and Clinton lost 5 votes at 1,579 .

A wrinkle happened when clerks were given an open records request by the Stein campaign to photograph every ballot. Bartelt says she referred the request over to Corporation Counsel Brian Desmond.

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