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Northland Pines Asks State For Earlier Start Date

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Pointing to local control, the Northland Pines school board Monday night approved sending a resolution to the Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction (DPI) "officially requesting approval to commence the school term prior to Sept. 1 . . . in determining the school calendar."

District administrator Mike Richie told the board he was not ready to recommend going against the state law that mandates local school districts to start classes on Sept. 1 or later. "I'm not willing to put the district in jeopardy that we would be breaking the law," Richie said.

He felt they probably won't get a waiver but if other districts follow through with waiver requests we'll send a message DPI can't ignore and "if not this year maybe next."

Richie felt the momentum for earlier starts was gaining support when more than 30 districts have contacted Northland Pines requesting their talking points and considering waiver requests.

And DPI has included in their next state budget a request Milwaukee schools be provided an exception to the Sept. 1 law.

The board also approved two calendars, one starting on Sept. 5 and ending June 6 with the other starting August 28 and ending June 1.

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