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City Rethinks Having A Full-Time Administrator

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The Rhinelander City Council is exploring the idea of hiring a part-time City Administrator.

During a discussion Monday night on the process of hiring a new administrator, a member of the audience came forward to propose the city not hire another full-time administrator, but rather look at a part-timer, and he suggested he would be available if called on.

Retired attorney Keith Kost approached the council, offering his services as an administrator...

".....I've got 35 years as an attorney, I'm not retired, I've been 19 years here in town, worked with the previous three City Administrators, some more than others. Can I suggest to you that this job can be a part-time job?.."

Kost says a part-time administrator is not doing the job for the money or career, but rather just to carry out the policies set forward by the mayor and city council. Kost said hiring a full-time administrator might be difficult for Rhinelander as the job is viewed as a first step in a career ladder.

The council halted the hiring process, for now, until the Finance committee looks at the outcomes of having the job being part-time.

With the departure last year of Kristina Aschenbrenner, Rhinelander has had three City Administrators in five years. Bill Bell left in 2011 and Blaine Oborn left in 2015

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