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Committee Wants All Vilas Trails Proposals Through Them

ReptOn 1x Wikimedia Commons

A policy for development and maintenance of recreation trails on Vilas County forest lands was adopted by the county Forestry, Recreation, and Land committee recently  to assure all trail proposals of any kind are treated in a similar fashion, comply with state statutes, the adopted 15 year comprehensive plan, and certification standards.

"We need to follow the same procedures for everyone," Steve Doyen , chairman of the committee declared, noting all requests for trail use on county lands must come before his committee. Trail plans must consider current and future land use with priority given to trails that serve multiple recreation users and specify who is responsible for maintenance.

"Some of our past decisions were suspect and I want to avoid sutuations where one user group has to do more than another user group," committee member Art Kunde said.

In other trail information, a review of snowmobile trails found six snowmobile clubs will loose certified miles and five will gain miles for state funding. The largest gain was Sayner with eight added miles and largest loss was 10 miles in Conover. Vilas County has 508 miles of funded trails.

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