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Gauthier Accepts City's Terms To Be Next Police Chief

Kevin Boneske-StarJournalNow.com

Rhinelander is close to having a new police chief.

City Finance Committee chair Mark Pelletier says they have come to terms with Lloyd Gauthier, the choice of the Rhinelander Police and Fire Commission to be the city's next police chief. Gauthier accepted the city's offer after making a counter offer.

The offer falls within the city's pay range of $79,000-$85,000 in its wage scale says Pelletier...

"....it's the exact same money, same benefits, only thing different was no moving expenses. This time though, two counter offers. One, more benefits, the other higher pay. Either one, we considered fair, we were in closed session for half an hour...."

Gauthier was asked to come into the closed session and agreed to terms. The Police and Fire Commission's first choice, David Funkhouser, declined Rhinelander's offer.

Interim Police Chief Captain Ron Lueneburg and Gauthier had been finalists along with Funkhouser. Gauthier was a city police officer before going to the Oneida County sheriff's department where he rose to the rank of Captain.

Five of the eight city council members sit on the Finance committee, so it makes it likely they will confirm the deal Monday to make Gauthier the next Rhinelander Chief of Police.

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