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Rain Temporarily Halts Rhinelander Downtown Paving

Wikimedia Commons Royalbroil

For a short time the streets will be more open in downtown Rhinelander as the steady rain has caused paving to halt.

The downtown is in the second summer of street renewal, this year the final paving is being down.

City Public Works Director Tim Kingman says crews will resume work as soon as the rain ends...

"....and as predicted Thursday or Friday we would shut it down again, make it real tight so the paving crews can work efficiently so the paving crews can get in there and get that done. It won't do all the pavement that is left to do, but it will do a significant amount and get us to a place where North Brown St. will be useable, Davenport and Courtney(streets)...."

If rain gets into the fresh pavement it can cause long term problems, so contractors hope to get the work done during dry conditions. Kingman says the pavement needs to be fully dry before they can allow traffic back on those streets.

Kingman says the busy Davenport Street bridge will be closed for 15-20 more days. He says after the first portion of paving, they will be going to Rives, Stevens and Anderson streets. Kingman thinks that paving will be done in early June, again, weather permitting.

Kingman thanked the downtown merchants for their patience.

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