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Possible 25 Mile Detour Looming In Vilas County


Vilas County roads and the cost of maintenance and repair including a possible 25 mile detour when a bridge is replaced in the town of Conover were explained recently by highway commissioner Nick Scholtes .

Scholtes  indicated the Highway K bridge over the Wisconsin River needs to be replaced at an estimated cost of $1.2 million with 80% funded by the state and 20% by the county.

He indicated the work would more than likely require a detour of 25 miles unless a temporary bridge could be used. If a temporary bridge is built, it could be kept for other recreational vehicle use but no cost estimate was made for a temporary bridge. Other high road costs would be resurfacing 29 miles of Highway B west of Land O' Lakes.

There are two options on paying for it, according to Scholtes, either bond entire cost and do the entire 29 miles at once or fund ten miles a year for three yeaers.

Cost per mile for bonding is estimated at $140,000 per mile while ten miles over three years at $160,000 a mile. No decision on funding was made at this time.

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