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Civil Petitions In It Matters To One Resolved


A civil case brought by a Sugar Camp animal rescue hoping to have 39 dogs returned to them has been resolved but it appears the animals will not be going anywhere.

In February, the Oneida County Sheriff's Department, along with the Oneida County Humane Society, seized the dogs from It Matters To One.

In March, owner Stephanie Schneider filed a civil suit against Oneida county for the return of the dogs. The matter continued until Thursday(May 25) when Schneider's attorney Henry Schultz told Judge Michael Bloom via telephone that the court petitions had been resolved with all parties, including a petition by the Oneida County Humane Society in the matter.

Schneider was not in court, but attorney Maggie Hogan of  the Humane Society told Schultz they would be talking..

"....I can advise Mr. Shultz that pursuant to our agreement we'll be in communication about making sure various things occur within the next week or so..."

Later, Hogan told reporters some details about the agreement...

"....there needed to be a transfer of title, essentially, as far as the dogs were concerned and that has occurred. We're not really at the ground zero any longer but at least with respect to legal proceedings, there's nothing in the works any longer with respect to this issue. (Ben Meyer) Is there any monetary issue here?(Hogan) "There was, the Humane Society waived boarding fees and costs associated with that...."

Hogan says the resolution means dogs will not be returned to Schneider and will continue to be sheltered as they are.

Still to be answered is whether any criminal charges will be filed in the case. Schneider was brought in to Oneida County and her photo was taken, but she was released pending a review by the Oneida County District Attorney's office.

Assistant District Attorney Mary Sowinski was not available to comment Thursday on possible charges.

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