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Vilas Co. Board Adopts Budget Tuesday


The Vilas County Board of Supervisors his week adopted their 2018 budget calling for $35 million in expenditures and a tax levy of $16 million with a tax rate of $2.35 per $1,000 of value or an increase of seven cents from 2017.

Three additions were made . . . one adding $2,500 for Civil Air Patrol support, a second for $37,640 for an eighth vehicle for the Sheriff's department, and $3,000 for additional timber stand improvement.

Civil Air Patrol squardron representative Walter Charter indicated they have 13 cadets and 20 senior members and are the primary search and rescue aerial operations in Vilas County and the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. Supervisor Erv Teichmiller objected to supporting a non-profit organization with tax dollars but Supervisor Jerry Burkett indicated you don't know the helplessness feeling a person goes through when a loved one is lost or missing. The board approved the support 19-1.

Support was also voted for an 8th Sheriff's department vehicle up from seven. An earlier attempt to cut it to six failed in committee. Sheriff Joe Fath was asked what he needed to effectively do his elected job and he said 8. The change to 8 was supported 16-4. An additional $3,000 was added to timber stand improvement from a cut of $6,000. The improvements add value to future timber sales.

The board withdrew $597,550 from their $7 million general fund to balance the 2018 budget. Finance director Jason Hilger felt the $2.35 tax rate will be the second or third lowest of the 72 Wisconsin counties. Earlier the board approved borrowing $2.7 million to fund about three dozen capitol improvement projects payable in March at 1.89% interest.

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