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Animals Removed From Eland Farm


Eland-WSAU--- 40-year-old Eland farmer is now facing criminal charges after multiple warnings to properly care for his cattle, horses, and chickens. That's according to a criminal complaint.

Lance Rogalla has been charged with six misdemeanors. Three counts of failure to provide food and water to confined animals, two counts of improper animal shelter sanitation, and one count of intentional failure to provide shelter to some houses in the extreme cold. Each one of those charges carries a max penalty of nine months in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Rogalla and a woman were warned on November 29th to clean up the barn the animals were sheltered in and to make sure they have food and water after a veterinarian checked the property. Two horses had no food or shelter, twenty-eight chickens had no water service, and the small group of cattle had nearly no feed and what was there was mixed with rotten feed. The cattle also had no water available to them. The animals have since been removed from the farm.

No date has been set for Rogalla to make his first appearance in court, according to Marathon County Court records.

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