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Sen. Baldwin Says Washington, D.C. Is 'Dysfunctional'


Wisconsin U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin stopped in Rhinelander Saturday and touched on several topics in an interview with WXPR.

Baldwin says she has her sights on the pharmaceutical companies, especially in light of recent sharp price spikes for needed medications like insulin for diabetics...

"....insulin costs doubled. This is not a new invention in the pharmaceutical industry for which they're charging double the amount of a year ago. This is th same insulin we had last year, a decade ago, forty years ago. That is outrageous..."

She says another issue is the incoming Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar is the former president of Eli Lilly and Company, a manufacturer of insulin.

Baldwin says Washington D.C. is 'dysfunctional' and other than the citizens who reaped large benefits from the recent tax bill, most citizens, she says, are left out...

"....to have a federal government that is responsive to the needs and challenges of people across this state and country. That is not happening now and I fear that in the chaos and dysfunction that is now Washington that the people getting ahead, be it through the tax bill or something else are making it worse for Wisconsinites...."

She says the hot-button topics of the border wall and DACA have been made worse by President Trump's rapid changing of his position...

".....saying, 'I love the DREAMERS and I will sign whatever you send me' that addresses this issue. To sending tweets and making comments at other meetings that were just sickening and heartbreaking to things like, 'my position now is no DREAMERS without a wall and mass deportation..."

Baldwin also listened to paper industry representatives about the issues in that industry, said the wolf de-listing proposal is tied up within a much larger bill and is idle, and says she expected to see outside dark money groups already spend millions of dollars against her.

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