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Baldwin Addresses RAISE Act, Gun Control While In Wausau

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Wisconsin Democrat Tammy Baldwin stopped in Wausau Wednesday to hold a round-table listening session with around a dozen caregivers following the passage of her bipartisan RAISE act

. “Every day, family caregivers do right by their loved ones, and I am proud to say we did right by them when the RAISE Family Caregivers Act was signed into law,” said Senator Baldwin. “When we work together across party lines we can get things done. This bipartisan effort was especially personal to me as I was raised by my maternal grandparents and later served as my grandmother’s primary caretaker as she grew older. I know the challenges that family caregivers face. I’ve listened to family caregivers across Wisconsin. This reform gives family caregivers a seat at the table, and will provide much-needed support for family caregivers to help insure that our older adults and loved ones with disabilities receive the highest quality care in their own homes.”

While in Wausau, Senator Baldwin met with local Wisconsinites who have spent time caring for loved ones, as well as representatives from AARP Wisconsin, to share how this bipartisan law will begin to support the needs of family caregivers in Wisconsin and across the country. Baldwin added that if all caregivers nationwide were compensated for the time they spend helping loved ones it would amount to about $470 billion, which is the equivalent to the federal Medicaid budget. During a question-and-answer session with the media Baldwin also addressed a recent movement for legislation to ban bump-stocks, which can be used to turn a semi-automatic weapon into a fully automatic one.

"I've seen a little bit of movement in the President [and] in others saying 'maybe we can get rid of bump-stocks, maybe we can finally have comprehensive universal background checks.'" Baldwin added that she has returned to Washington following many similar tragedies in recent years, but this time there is a real sense that change is possible. Baldwin added that as a gun owner herself she feels the NRA has too much influence and does not represent the will of all its members.

"I'm a gun owner, every gun owner I know is open to the idea of comprehensive background checks." She went on to praise the survivors of last week's school shooting in South Florida saying those teens could lead the way when it comes to new gun regulations aimed at making schools safer.

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