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Eagle River Treatment Plant Grade In Jeopardy

Wikimedia Commons Tom Kiser

The Eagle River treatment plant had a perfect “Grade A” for operations last year but in a report to the Eagle River city council (Aug 7) that is expected to change due to non-compliance in meeting operational standards for disinfection.

Lead treatment operator Daryl Rutkowske indicated the ultra-violet (UV) operation is part of the problem along with a change in leachate operations at the Highway G landfill. “The UV disinfection unit is 20 years old and at the end of its life, not doing the job it's expected to do, so we expect we will not be getting a Grade A in the next report,” Rutkowske told the concil. “I would expect a non-compliance letter from the DNR.”

The leachate at the county landfill is being re-circulated to add moisture to the refuse and while it benefits decomposition it's more concentrated and “discolors the entire treatment system thereby reducing UV effectiveness;” the plant failed operational compliance in July.

Eagle River charges the landfill three-and-a-half cents per gallon and collects about $100,000 yearly. The council authorized $10,000 to study the problem and suggest possible alternatives including dilution and timing of the loads going into the plant and possible pre-treatment at the landfill.

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