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Poverty Rate An Indicator Of Report Card Performance-DPI


Most schools in the Northwoods mostly met or exceeded expectations on state report cards issued this week. Overall, more than 96 percent of state schools met or exceeded state expectations.

Department of Public Instruction spokesperson Tom McCarthy talks about the third year of the evaluation... 

"...The picture of what we're seeing is most of the school districts in the state of Wisconsin meet expectations or do better than that....good news....."

The rating went from one star, or failing to meet expectations to 5 star, significantly exceeds expectations. Among the top achieving districts were Minocqua J1 , Woodruff J1, North Lakeland Elementary.

McCarthy says with the program in place for three years, the school districts have focused in on how to drive the measures in a positive direction. McCarthy says the results didn't vary much being in rural or urban areas, but there was one measure that showed a difference.. 

"..The more poverty you have in a school district, the more likely they will perform less. The legislature has tried to make tweaks to the system. On the extreme edges there's definitely some of that working. Places where you have very heavy concentrations of poverty have somewhat broken out of that one star category. But if you tell me the percentage of poverty in a school or district, I can give you a pretty accurate prediction where they're going to fall in our system..."

Absenteeism has been an increasing problem across the state with more schools than ever before having deductions in scores.

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