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Frozen Road Law Takes Effect Wednesday North Of U.S. 8

WSAU radio

Rules allowing for heavier trucks to travel Wisconsin roads have taken effect. A Wisconsin DOT spokesperson, David Hunt, talks about the Frozen Road Law...

"...The frozen road law goes into effect Wednesday, December 12 at 12:01 a.m. in the region designated as zone 1, which is U.S. 8 north. There's a good portion of Oneida county up in your area and basically if you look at the top half of the state, that is where it's going to be...."

The Frozen Road Law allows heavier loads for trucks carrying peeled or unpeeled forest products cut crosswise, along with salt and sand for winter road maintenance. The declaration is issued once the ground under highway pavement is frozen to a depth of at least 18 inches, allowing the maximum gross weight for trucks to go to 98,000 pounds on a vehicle with a minimum of five axles. The higher weight limits do not apply to county or local roads unless authorized by a local agency.

This change only affects vehicles within the area north of U.S. 8. Wisconsin has five zones relating to the Frozen Road Law and the other four zones are not affected by the change, for now.

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