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Gov.-Elect Evers Reaching Out To Republicans For Compromise


Governor-Elect Tony Evers held a listening session in Wausau  Wednesday(12/12) to find out what Wisconsin residents would like to see prioritized in the next state budget.

Evers says he's holding the sessions to make sure the people have a say early in the process..

"...I know the Joint Finance Committee goes around the state and does their input sessions but that's after it's kind of baked. We're in the process of making that, and we want people to be part of putting ingredients in that cake..."

He know there will be challenges with Republicans in control of both the Senate and Assembly, but he says there can be common ground reached...

"...The days of fighting and not reaching compromise and being hyper-partisan, those days should be over. I'm going to do what ever I can to reach out to Republicans and make sure they understand..."

Evers says he plans on delivering on his campaign promises..

"...Education, transportation and health care. What people will notice is what we talked about to get elected is what we're going to be following through on..."

Evers says there's no hard timeline for a budget right now but his staff will likely ask for an extension with the goal of having it released by March 1st.

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