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Rhinelander Officials Make Amends After Dispute Over Bills



After more than a week of controversy, two Rhinelander government leaders have publicly ended a dispute involving expenditures by City Administrator Daniel Guild.

George Kirby walked out of a meeting last week, feeling the expenditures made by Guild for office equipment were not fully discussed.

At a press conference, Guild and Council President Kirby faced questions about the disagreement.

Guild says he and Kirby spoke after a meeting Tuesday...

"...George approach me and we sat down and we had a very good conversation. I want to thank George for approaching me, for initiating it..."

Guild apologized to Kirby...

"...I want to take this moment to humble myself and to apologize to George publicly for any misunderstandings and miscommunications between us. I want to affirm the fact that I'm very eager to have good communication, not just with George, but all the council members..."

Guild says he likes and respects Kirby and wants to move forward to do the city's work. Kirby says he didn't want to say much without the full council present but said he wants to build a good relationship...

"..We'll continue to work forward with Daniel. We want to strive to have a good working relationship. It's good that we do this. The council has to remain and strive to have a good working relationship together. It's something we said we're going to do in the past and it's something we have to strive to do in the future..."

Kirby says at next Monday's council meeting, the council will go over the bills and claims from December and January, which is what angered Kirby at the last meeting when he left. He also says he has no intention of resigning as council president.

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