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Council Decides On Longer Construction Plan On Stevens St.


The planned construction on Stevens Street will be allowed to last a longer time after action Monday by the Rhinelander Common Council.

The city plans to redo the main traffic artery beginning this spring. The question that arose was whether to try to package the project into one year, or to have it last over two to possibly three years.

Public Works Director Tim Kingman showed the contractors and how the construction would go given the possible time frames. The shorter time frame would have the contractor do all the underground work in one year and return the next to finish the surface work.

The longer construction would go two years underground and a third year of surface restoration. Kingman favored the shorter schedule, saying it would cause less interruption for citizens...

"...It really boils down to one phrase in this recommendation: it reduces the overall risk and special maintenance presented during construction and the overall time of inconvenience that is imparted to the public..."

Kingman says the longer schedule would be financed by the grant received and the utility. Council member Steve Sauer said the time crunch might be too much..

"..There definitely have been some time crunches I've seen and I feel as though taking an appropriate amount of time to do each on of these sections because this is a considerable amount of roadway, in this guy's opinion, is probably a safer way to go...."

Council member Dawn Rog felt the longer time frame would be a burden on businesses along Stevens Street. The vote was 5-3 to accept the longer time frame to do the work. Musson Brothers and A-1 Excavating got the contract. the project is expected to be about $14 million.