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Vilas Co. Adult Entertainment Tavern Owner Charged


Criminal charges have been filed in Vilas County Circuit Court against Carrie Jo Neumann of Eagle River for violations of Wisconsin alcohol beverage laws.

Ms. Neumann is the owner of the Frontier Tavern, an adult entertainment business located at 2545 Columbus Road, Eagle River.

According to the criminal complaint, a November 2018 investigation by the Department of Revenue's Alcohol & Tobacco Enforcement Unit found that the Frontier Tavern was in possession of refilled intoxicating liquor bottles, was open for business without a licensed bartender present, and was in possession of unauthorized bottles of intoxicating liquor.

Alcohol and Tobacco Special Agents seized numerous liquor bottles during the investigation and included among the seized bottles was an open bottle of Vesica Vodka. Later, it was tested and found to be water. Ms. Neumann had told Agents that she refills vodka bottles with water and serves it to employees/dancers when customers want to buy them a drink.

Special Agent In-Charge (SAC) Tyler Quam of the Alcohol and Tobacco Unit says that this case is somewhat unique because the bottles were being refilled with straight water, not with cheaper brands or being diluted. Wisconsin alcohol beverage laws prohibit the refilling of intoxicating liquor bottles with any substance, even water.

In addition, when the agents investigated the tavern, they found that no employees had operators/bartenders licenses, and there were numerous bottles of intoxicating liquor on site that had not been obtained from Wisconsin wholesalers. SAC Quam explained that all alcohol possessed at Wisconsin alcohol retailers must be properly documented and obtained from legitimate Wisconsin liquor and beer wholesalers. This assures that drinks being sold and served in Wisconsin are safe and fully taxed according law.

The Department of Revenue's Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement Unit works to ensure that all retailers comply with the law and are operating fairly. The Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement Unit also works to ensure public safety, and to protect the integrity and quality of the alcohol being sold in Wisconsin. Labeling and purchasing requirements, as well as refilling prohibitions, are in place to provide Wisconsin consumers with the correct information on the brand, flavor, and alcohol content of the alcohol beverages offered for sale in this state.

Criminal charges were filed by the Vilas County District Attorney's office. If convicted on both counts of possession of refilled liquor bottles, Ms. Neumann could face up to $2,500 in fines and/or one year in prison. These violations could also result in the suspension or revocation of the retail alcohol license held by Ms. Neumann.

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