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OC Board Approves Person To Be Available For Short-Term Rental Concerns

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The Oneida County Board has finalized an ordinance amendment that requires someone renting a place short-term to have someone responsible to be around should a problem arise.

The state loosened the rules  allowing property owners to rent out homes and businesses in areas not routinely zoned for those uses. The state allowed the counties to adjust their local ordinances.

Core to the revised rules was the naming of Resident Agent to be available should there be a noise complaint, for instance.

Planning and Zoning Director Karl Jenrich says often the town chair, sheriff, or that department field complaints from neighbors about noise and garbage...

"Some neighbors do try to contact the owners of the property and usually that doesn't work out. So that's why they wanted the resident agent, a warm body to talk to..."

That person can be anyone. Jenrich noted in one instance it was the cleaning person at the property. Supervisor Bob Mott felt enforcement of rules was tough to do, given staffing limitations.

Jenrich agreed...

"...We have had people take pictures of license plates showing different people every weekend. Once I get that information I can talk to counsel and see whether we have a case to issue citations or send enforcement letters. But again, that provision is going to be difficult to enforce. The burden is going to be on me, the burden is on Oneida county to prove that..."

Woodruff Town Chair Mike Timmons, also a county board member, says with the property owner often gone, local officials get called...

"When you start renting out these homes, a lot of the homes have a burglar alarm and or smoke detectors. The burglar alarm or smoke detector is going off at two o'clock in the morning and they have no idea how to take care of it, agencies can get hold of the resident agent and have them take care of it...."

Without opposition, the board passed the changes, including having a resident agent for what's termed a tourist rooming house.

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