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Gov. Evers Wants Sustainable Transportation Fund

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 Governor Evers thinks the state budget took significant steps toward fixing the state's crumbling transportation system, but more work needs to be done.

On a podcast provided by the DOT, Evers said he and Republicans hammered out an agreement that got him funding levels he sought in key areas. He says while on the campaign trail he heard at nearly every stop the need to fix the state's roads.

He says while this two-year budget got change going, more needs to be done...

"...I feel confident going forward is because what we've done is set some significant investments in our transportation system, in our infrastructure. People will understand how important it is and they will also understand how important it is to sustain that effort going forward..."

Evers says this budget put more of an emphasis on new revenues and less borrowing.

He says there needs to be a sustainable method of funding long-term projects, what he called a funding 'lockbox'...

"...We have to have a sustainable transportation fund. It's going to be in this lockbox and that will allow us to be sustainable going forward..."

More than 200 state projects are in cue for DOT. Evers said he heard in rural Wisconsin that residents here felt the priorities always went to Milwaukee and Madison... 

"...It's always a constant struggle for us, to make sure that we deliver for northern and central Wisconsin and it isn't just about Madison and Milwaukee. In this case we did.....frankly the conversations I had during the campaign, all across the state there weren't any pockets that said 'things are fine here'..."

Evers was joined by state Transportation Secretary-designee Craig Thompson on the podcast.

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