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April Ballot Referendum Request Pass Rhinelander, Eagle River Councils

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A petition to add two advisory referendum questions on the April, 2020 ballot were approved by the Eagle River city council along with the referendum language, but not without some criticism how some persons were treated when they didn't sign the petition.

The two petitions, circulated by “Wisconsin to Amend” and by “Fair Elections Project” were certified to contain the required statutory number of signatures and were forwarded to the city council for action.

One question asks if you favor a constitutional amendment that would overturn a U.S. Supreme Court ruling to make clear “that corporations, unions, and other artificial entities do not have inalienable human rights and supports limited spending . . . related to elections.”

The second question asks if you favor “creation of a non-partisan procedure for preparation of legislative and congressional redistricting plans.”

Statements made by some collecting signatures were upsetting to Alderman Jerry Burkett and Mayor Jeff Hyslop. “I was told the city was behind this and I'm on the city council and what was said to me when I was asked to sign was wrong,” Burkett said. “I wouldn't sign and people should be informed when they are gathering signatures.”

Similar thoughts were expressed by Mayor Hyslop. “While I support this going to a ballot but when my wife indicated she wouldn't sign the pressure started,” the Mayor said. “Those who refused to sign should have been respected more and not criticized.”

The Mayor thought one item was lacking in the petition indicating he felt “only those eligible to vote should be allowed to contribute” funds to candidates.

The request passed the Eagle River council.

In Rhinelander, the same two questions this week also passed that common council.

The Eagle River and Rhinelander advisory referendum questions will be on the April, 7 2020 ballot.

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