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ER Council To Debate Removing Street Lights

Wikimedia Commons Royal Broil

A number of street lights on Highway 45 in Eagle River across from the Derby track were removed after the Town of Lincoln objected to electrical costs and six on the Derby side inside the city of Eagle River could also be gone. That  after approval was received from the Dept. of Transportion (DOT).

The city council was informed DOT has given the city the “green light” to remove them but the discussion this week had mixed reviews.

Eagle River Police Chief Chris Dobbs suggested leaving at least one at the intersection of Pleasure Island Road and Highway 45 that has considerable pedestrian use during evening activities at the track, particularly Friday Night Thunder.

Council member Kim Schaffer liked the taller lights because they didn't have a glare like the lower decorative lights along the highway while Robin Ginner supported the decorative lights.

Mayor Jeff Hyslop felt the decorative lights were lost in the busness lights and city administrator Joe Laux said “most of the complaints I get are from their glare.” It was pointed out none of the adjacent property owners were contacted for their views and the council directed Laux to do that and have the subject on the next council agenda.

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