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Sean Duffy Endorses Tom Tiffany for 7th Congressional Seat

Tiffany campaign

ROTHSCHILD, WI (WSAU) -- A former Congressman has given his endorsement for the 2020 special election.

Thursday morning at local manufacturer, Wausau Homes, former Congressman Sean Duffy announced his endorsement of Tom Tiffany for Congress in Wisconsin's 7th District.

During the endorsement announcement, Duffy explains he is endorsing Tiffany because of the leadership he has seen from him in the State Senate. "I know this leader. I've experienced this leader. I've watched this leader and I think that's the kind of future that this District deserves. "Someone with his kind of background and his kind of history. But also his kind of leadership that's not going to follow. But to bring our issues to Washington and fight for us."

Duffy  also touched on the  impeachment of President Trump by the House of Representatives. Duffy feels that what the President has done during his term aren't impeachable offenses considering what he's done for the economy. "That allowed the American people and the American businessman to expand and grow. We have to keep that up! And to think that Democrats would impeach our President yesterday, for what I would say are unimpeachable offenses. We need someone who's actually going to step up and fight back."

Tiffany also talked about yesterday's impeachment during his speech Thursday morning.

Tiffany noted that with the impeachment, it seems like Congress is trying to nullify Central Wisconsin's votes from 2016. He also said that pure partisanship was used to impeach President Trump in a "sham impeachment". During his speech, Tiffany talked about how he wants to carry on the legacy of the work that Duffy has done during his time in Congress. He also emphasized the importance of local businesses and families to the health of the area. When asked how he would handle balancing time between Washington D.C. and Wisconsin, Tiffany vowed he would try to return every weekend to Wisconsin to represent the area. "First of all, Northcentral Wisconsin is my home and it will continue to be my home. "I'm so privileged to have a family, my wife Chris and my daughters, who have been understanding for these years that I'm going to be gone still. But they stand with me every day and I just can't thank them enough for that. ... "But you can count on me coming back home every weekend. And talking to my friends and neighbors and hear what their concerns are. Because I will take those concerns to Washington D.C."

Duffy also spoke to that effect, saying that he thinks Tiffany has the perfect family makeup for being able to spend time in Washington. He also joked that if Tiffany plans to sleep in his Congressional office that Duffy is willing to sell him a cheap cot to do so.

Tiffany is facing retired Army Captain Jason Church in the Republican primary for the special election. The Democratic primary will be between Wausau School Board President Tricia Zunker and former Michigan resident Lawrence Dale. The primary for the special election will be held on February 18th with the final vote for the congressional seat on May 12th. 5

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