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Pay Raises For Vilas Officials Proposed

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Pay increases of 3% and 2% for four constitutional county offices up for election this November were proposed by the Vilas County human resource committee this week and will be forwarded to the county finance committee for action prior to circulation of nomination papers.

The offices of county Register of Deeds, Treasurer, Clerk, and Surveyor are now four year terms with circulation of nomination papers starting April 15 and filing deadline on June 1.

Surveyor is a part time position. Information provided to the committee indicated Vilas County pay practices for these positions trailed statewide averages by 3.36% for Treasurer, 4.5% for Register of Deeds, and 10.84% for Clerk.

Looking at selected counties near Vilas, the actual pay rates were all above the local marketplace. Vilas pay was above surrounding counties by 13% for Treasurer and Register of Deeds and 8.84% for Clerk. This data does not support consideration of an off cycle pay adjustment for any of the current incumbants, according human resource manager Kip Kipley.

The recommendation is 3% increases for each of the first two years of the term and 2% for the last two years. Salary for Treasurer, Register of Deeds, and County Clerk, presently at $60,728, would be $67,030 in year four; salary for Surveyor, now at $12,489 woud be $13,785 in year four.

The finance committee is expected to approve the recommendation and send it to the Feb. county board for adoption.

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