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State Supreme Court Candidates 'Court' County Officials


Three candidates will be reduced to two next Tuesday for an open seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Recently, Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly, Marquette University Law Professor Ed Fallone and Dane County Circuit Court Judge Jill Karofsky spoke before a meeting sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association.

Justice Daniel Kelly...

"Every time I look at the Constitution I'm reminded of two things: that the authority I exercise is on loan from you. I hold it in trust for you and your benefits. And two, it reminds me that we can't do just anything we want to do because we are Supreme Court justices. The Constitution tells us what we are to do..."

Professor Ed Fallone...

"The number one issue that local elected officials wanted to tell me about was local control. The ability of local government to arrive at solutions to local problems. This is an issue that has concerned me for a long time..."

Judge Jill Karofsky...

"In my courtroom I follow the rule of law. I treat everyone fairly, equally and respectfully. From where I sit, I see the law as not some esoteric exercise. It's not an esoteric exercise if you are a crime victim. It's not an esoteric exercise if you're a defendant in a criminal case and you have an opioid addiction. It's not an esoteric exercise if it's your divorce..."

The top two candidates for the seat will be on the April ballot with the winner then to serve a 10-year term on the state Supreme Court. Audio courtesy Wisconsin Eye.

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