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Special Prosecutor Recommends No Charges Against Iron Co. DA

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports Iron county's District Attorney Matthew Tingstad will not be prosecuted for his actions concerning two criminal cases.

In 2019, Tingstad issued a subpoena to a Milwaukee lawyer who represented a bank in a civil case related to a pair of criminal cases Tingstad had filed against Hurley's former mayor and a retired sheriff's deputy. The cases concerned the use of a credit card that had the name of Hurley fire department where both men volunteered.

The Oneida County Sheriff's Department investigated and referred two possible felonies against Tinstad because of what was termed a bogus subpoena.

Milwaukee lawyer Roy Korte was appointed as a special prosecutor. While not approving the action, Korte found prosecution in the matter was not warranted. Korte did refer Tingstad to the Office of Professional Liability, which investigates violations of lawyers' ethics rules. A defense attorney for one of defendants in the credit card matter can ask a judge to review Tingstad's action.

The Journal-Sentinel said Korte did not mention a second issue regarding Tingstad's residency. There have been questions whether Tingstad lives in Wisconsin as is required for his state position.

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