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Nearing Peak Flu Season In The Northwoods


It's nearing prime time for influenza in the Northwoods.

Oneida County Health Department Director Linda Conlon says health officials have narrowed down the types of flu reported..

"....the main viruses...are the Influenza "A-H3N2", that's the predominant virus. We've also had some influenza-like illness circulating around the state of Wisconsin...."

Conlon says Wisconsin has a statistically high amount of flu or flu-like symptoms being reported.

Conlon says you can inexpensively keep your chances of getting sick to a minimum. Frequent hand washing is recommended, and keeping your unwashed hands from your mouth and eyes. She says cover your cough and nose when you sneeze. She says stay home if you’re sick and also keep your kids home if they are sick...

"....keeping their children home when sick is very important in NOT having the virus circulate in the schools. So once those kids get back to school and they're in those classrooms, it's really important parents keep their kids home when sick and they promote proper hand washing...."

Conlon says there's still time to get a flu shot this season. The Health Department has the shot along with other locations.  She says the shot will provide some protection even if the strain of flu isn't the one in the region.

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