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Second Hand Smoke A Problem In Multi Unit Housing


While exposure to second hand smoke has dropped dramatically in the past decade, health advocates are focusing in on the plight of people in apartment complexes who smell their neighbors smoke.

Corie Zelazoski from the Oneida County Health Department says a recent study found 58 million Americans are still exposed to second hand smoke...

"....those who are affected are a lot of non-smokers, two out of every five children ages three to eleven, including seven out of every ten black children in that age group...."

Zelazoski says 80 million Americans live in multi-unit housing and she says all too often non-smokers are exposed to tobacco smoke seeping through the walls.

"....second hand smoke can do just as much damage as smoking cigarettes. It can kill and too many American children are still exposed to it and have the effects of second hand smoke...."


26 states, the District of Columbia, and almost 700 cities have passed comprehensive smoke-free laws prohibiting smoking in work sites, restaurants, and bars. These state and local laws currently cover almost half the US population.

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