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New Website To Help Retailers Stop Selling Tobacco To Minors

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Retailers selling tobacco products have a new resource to help them teach their employees to not sell tobacco to minors.

The free website Smokecheck.org has been replaced by www.WiTobaccoCheck.org.

Maria Otterholt is a member of The Northwoords Tobacco-Free Coalition. She says the training is still free but new features for tobacco retailers include ability to create a store account, monitor employee training progress, and download employee training certificates.

"...we have a brand new website, it's wi tobacco check dot org It is the same type of website as smokecheck.org, but it's going to enable employers to do better training for their employees to make sure no one is selling tobacco to minors...."

The redesigned website was chosen to include other tobacco types beyond cigarettes that are increasingly popular with young people. In Wisconsin, 13 percent of Wisconsin high school students report smoking e-cigarettes, compared to 8.1 percent who report smoking cigarettes.

"...it's completely free. We encourage them to go to the new website and set up their store account. It's three simple steps there. It walks you through it. Then employees can read about it about illegal tobacco sales in Wisconsin and avoid hefty fines by making sure sales don't occur...."

The consequences for not following Wisconsin tobacco sales law can be severe, including fines up to $500 or suspension of license.

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