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Health Official Says Time For Student Immunizations

Wikimedia Commons-Grook Da Oger

Outbreaks of pertussis in Northwoods schools last term highlights a reminder from health professionals to get children vaccinated prior to the coming school year.

Nurse Jennifer Bates from the Oneida County Health Department says with the hub-bub of activity getting kids ready for school, it's easy to forget immunizations

. She says pertussis was a problem in the Northwoods.....

"....we saw(pertussis) in Rhinelander, Minocqua, Eagle River, so we did see it in our area. As far as the (pertussis) vaccine goes, we get a series of vaccinations as a kid and they recommend getting a booster at age 11 and 12 and then once in our adult lifetime...."

Pertussis is easily spread in close quarters such as schools. Bates says the types of vaccinations depend on the age range of the child...

"....so it depends on the kiddos. The Centers For Disease Control have a great resource www.cdec.gov/vaccines and you can pull up immunizations for a child's ages. One that we are concerned with now is flu season so that's one we're going to be seeing quite a bit....."

Bates says typically the vaccinations are done at doctor's offices and also can be done at the Health Department. Bates recommends people should call their county Health Department to see if they qualify for vaccines that they offer.

August is National Immunization Awareness Month.

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